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Press roller for compacting and stability of the reel during winding.
Ejection device for moving the reel towards the unloading position at the end of the winding process.
Special execution bow spreader roller in special design for an even spreading of material before winding.

Operator platform complete with rollers for drawing-in the material.
Winding arm for "A" frame for reels up to 1800 mm diameter, with motorised roller, pneumatically controlled movable arm, extension bar, safety devices and guards.
Electric and pneumatic panel for line control and management.

Technical specifications:
  • Roller width: 1800 mm.
  • Working width: max. 1600 mm
  • Max. speed : 100 m/1'
  • Web tension on the material: max. 200 Kg.
  • Reel diameter on "A"frame: max. 1800 mm
  • Diameter of the reel in contact with the winding rollers: max. 1000 mm
  • Beam diameter for paper or PVC: 3” – 6”