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Customised design

Integrated and customised design and the development and engineering of fully customised machines and lines embody the distinctive element that has always been the emblem of TLF Technology.

When customers’ production processes cannot adapt to standard machinery, we deploy the know-how of a company team that always stands by our customers in the construction of special machines, with excellent performance and solid production capabilities.

We listen to the needs of those who use the machines on a daily basis, and include in the design phase needs and instructions provided by our customers’ specialised technicians and operators.

We give the utmost attention to plant productivity and our consulting and assistance services are aimed at reducing the time and costs of machine downtime, while also promoting the management of production processes.


We work with our customers as partners and not as mere suppliers; for this reason, the initial contact is essential to fully understand their needs and to find the best solutions together, as in a real team.

Our experts from the internal TLF Technical Department evaluate each order upon receipt and begin research, development and design activities on the basis of the customer’s discrete technical requirements.

This initial evaluation phase leads to the definition of the mechanical and electrical project and the subsequent development of the management software.
The technical evaluation is followed by the construction and engineering phases.

Once it has been built in the Assembly Department, the machine undergoes final and pre-testing checks.

Finally, we deliver and install the machine on the customer’s premises, and perform a start-up and final testing.

During the start-up phase, our technicians provide training sessions to facilitate management and accessibility to the system’s production functions.

Even after delivery and installation, the flexibility of TLF design allows changes, additions and upgrade relating to application features to be made at any time.